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Medico cirurgiões durante a operação


Carenet as a Brazilian Health Tech, promotes the digital transformation  of the health ecosystem with a focus on IoMT  (Internet of Medical Things), interoperability and orchestration of telemetry data from patients, positively impacting the well-being of the clinical staff, the speed of decision-making and patient safety.

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Our Vision

We aim to create a better care service through innovative eHealth solutions that integrate technology and information by way of connectivity and automation. We improve the patient journey and clinical outcomes with smart health management approaches.

Enfermeiro conversando com paciente em UTI e mostrando um tablet com os sinais vitais para o paciente.
Médico com estetoscópio analisando informaçãoes no tablet de monitoramento de pacientes

driven by challenge

We use our expertise to develop customized projects in:

Fast Track Check-in

Quick check-ins for clinics and clinical labs

Remote Monitoring of Patients

Using devices, applications and software

Point of Care

Integration of equipment in primary care units.

we are just getting started


We were born developing wearables and equipment to monitor people's health.

Smart Watch no pulso com sinais vitais


Currently, we carry out automated data processing, becoming the center of the centers.

Bombas BBraun empilhadas



Artificial Intelligence awaits us, as well as the decision support system. for error reduction.

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