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Orchestra THE 

Continuous monitoring and automation of data collection from all equipment in your ICU and operating room, compiled on a single screen, remotely accessible and integrated into the patient's medical record in real time.

How Orchestra can transform your ICU

The Orchestra platform captures and transfers data from multi-parameter monitors, mechanical ventilators and infusion pumps from your ICU to the most popular medical records on the market. Our technicians connect virtually any medical device to any system. By eliminating manual data entry, the platform saves nurses' time and prevents manual errors in data entry.

Tele UTI com monitores, médicos e enfermeiros analisando dados multiparamétricos


100% reduction in bedside data collection time

Elimination of human errors in copying and recording data

Configuration of automatic capture of vital signs

100% cloud-based with history retrieval

Alarms according to patient risks and care plan

Paperless, prerequisite for HIMSS7 certification

Access the system in real time through smartphones or tablets

Logs of all patient and clinical staff interactions

how the orchestra works

Understand how the Orchestra platform eliminates unnecessary processes and reduces error.

Introdução à plataforma Orchestra
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Currently 90% of data from ICUs and surgical centers are lost, due to manual collection made on paper, Orchestra automates this collection  through data orchestration, integrating all medical devices and making it available in a single Digital platform.

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