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Does your hospital still record vital signs of patients in the ICU manually?

Eliminate repetitive and time-consuming processes, reducing the chance of human error andrisk of cross infection. Orchestra offers 6 modules that integrate hospital equipment and systems for maximum efficiency.


We develop solutions for patient patients, inside and outside the clinical-hospital environment.

For 7 years we have been conducting research and development of health technology. We work with wearables, sensors and sophisticated algorithms to capture and manage critical data to monitoring of patients of all ages, locally or remotely, optimizing hospital processes, decreasing errors and reducing the exhaustion of the clinical staff.

Enfermeira cuidando do paciente na UTI enquanto configura o monitor multiparamétrico


Exclusive interoperability platform, connecting ICU or Surgery Center equipment with your EHR and other systems

The Orchestra platform offers customers an innovative solution for their digital transformation in intensive therapy and surgical centers with a focus on remote patient monitoring and providing the platform for a centralized clinical command center or Tele-ICU.


time saving


Increase efficiency by automating processes, reducing costs and reducing the risk of burnout.

Tablet  com monitoramento de sinais vitais para cuidado com a saúde

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Alameda dos Maracatins, 426, Room 601, Moema, São Paulo

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